CUAN would like to address the recent ISBE press release regarding the emergency ban of isolation rooms in schools. This morning we reached out to the Reginal County Superintendent Gary Lewis to discuss this.
Gary Lewis stated “the release was issued Wednesday afternoon at 3pm and districts are working on adapting new protocols”. He suggested parents contact individual districts to find out how their plan will be implemented, as each district sets their protocol.
CUAN is in the process of contacting each district to ask if they could release information regarding the ISBE emergency action to end the use of isolated seclusion in Illinois schools.
It is our understanding of the ISBE press release that: as of Wednesday 3pm school districts were notified they were no longer allowed to use isolation or restraints. Time-out and restrains were only legal when used to protect the safety of students and staff in certain rare crisis situations.
As part of this new plan students may NOT be in isolation rooms alone, they MUST be with a trained staff member and the door MUST remain unlocked. Also the district MUST institute strict parameters on when physical restraint is allowed.
CUAN is continuing to work in finding information about this and how it effects our students. We will keep you updated as we find out more information.

Added 1/7/2020: